Meet Karen

Vibrant color, innovative design, and often a touch of whimsy, are hallmarks of Karen Flamme's art. Her art quilts, designed and composed intuitively, begin with the basic material of fabric, much of which she dyes herself, then are added to with paints, embellishments, and other surface design techniques as the piece evolves.

In dimensional and multimedia pieces Karen plays with using fabric in unique ways to create unexpected, often stunning combinations and shapes. Her newest book, "Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Flowers," showcases beautiful blooms created from bits of fabric and embellishments.

It is this love of color and experimentation that drive the art of Karen Flamme and it is her joy in "playing" in her studio that comes through in the finished pieces.

Artist's Statement

The continual exploration of color, texture, and design -- both in art and language -- are fascinating to me. I see self-expression as an essential part of an individual's growth and development, whether through words, art, music, or movement.

Quilts and handwork passed down through the generations are the foundation of this fiber art form through which quilters can now experiment to find their own voices. I am grateful for this legacy and excited about building upon it.


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